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The truth about Elvis's death from the doctor who spent eleven years as "the King's" personal physician, father-figure, and confidant - "Dr. Nick."

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Dr. George Nichopoulos

George C. Nichopoulos is the son of Greek immigrants. After two years in the Army Medical Corp, he entered the University of the South, where he gained his B.S. degree. He completed postgraduate work on a Doctorate in Clinical Physiology at the University of Tennessee and then received his medical degree from Vanderbilt University Medical School in Nashville. In 1967 Nichopoulos gained entertainer Elvis Presley as a patient. After Presley died in 1977, the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners charged Nichopoulos with over-prescribing controlled substances to Presley during the final months before his death. He was acquitted, but his license was suspended later on the same charges. He maintained a private practice from 1986 until 1995 when his medical license was revoked. His re-application for a medical license has been denied twice. Nichopoulos resides in Memphis with his wife Edna. They have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Book Acclaims

Doctor George Nichopoulos is one of the kindest men I have ever met. He is not only a good man, but one I am glad to call my friend. He has seen me through some of my most difficult times, and I believe he is responsible for helping save my life. I know very few people who have the love and compassion Dr. Nick has for so many people. I am proud to say Dr. Nick is one of my best friends. God bless you, Dr. Nick.


 Jerry Lee Lewis, entertainer  

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee


A remarkable eyewitness account of the toll of fame on an American icon. It reminds us of the humanity, generosity of spirit, humor and enormous talent of the King of rock ’n' roll. You won't be able to put it down.

                                                                                                        Michael Rose, producer of "Elvis: Return to Tupelo"



Leave aside what you've previously read and this much-needed book will unbend your mind.  It'll fill in many gaps regarding an incredibly close friendship and finally tell the truth about how it all ended.  To produce a mighty book you must have a mighty story, and there is none more so than this. 


Andrew Hearn, editor & publisher of

Essential Elvis UK magazine


The King and Dr. Nick is an exciting, powerful and important memoir, revealing a sweeter, stronger Elvis than we have seen before. Finally, after 40 years of relative silence, the man at the center of it all, delivers a rich and poignant story—easily outdistancing the scores of "tell alls" that have come before. When he focuses on the entertainer's drug use, Elvis' doctor also sweeps away the thick cobwebs surrounding Presley's death—thereby producing an intimate and clear picture of the final hours that have so mystified and fascinated the world. In many ways, this is THE insider account.


                               Peter Harry Brown and Pat H. Broeske,

                           authors of Down at the End of Lonely Street: 

                                                the Life and Death of Elvis Presley


We as a culture love to dissect our heroes, but are loathe to resuscitate our villains. To shine today’s understanding upon yesterday’s dilemmas, to shed new light on past wrongs, to complicate good and evil with vulnerability, innocence and hope for a future not yet certain—this is why Dr. Nick’s memoir was written and why it must be read.                                                                                           

Tara McAdams, author of Elvis Handbook


The King and Dr. Nick: What Really Happened to Elvis and Me is a compelling memoir by Dr. George Nichopoulos, physician to the King of Rock ’n’ Roll. This heartfelt account of Dr. Nick’s personal and professional relationship with Elvis has something to offer everyone. For fans, new information comes to light regarding Elvis’s struggle with an array of health problems. For biographers and journalists, a fuller story of his death and the controversy over the autopsy is revealed. For scholars, each new personal account from someone in Elvis’s inner circle reworks and expands the Presley mythology.


Dr. Nick’s account adds another piece to the puzzle—one missing for too long—regarding the events surrounding Elvis’s death and the path that led him there. With each year that passes, it becomes crucial to collect the memories, points of view, and recollections of all those who were close to Elvis for the record. While their experiences with Elvis continue to comfort, inspire, and even haunt them on a personal level, Elvis is part of our history now—and their experiences belong to the ages.


Susan Doll, author of Elvis for Dummies;

Elvis: American Idol; Understanding Elvis


History needs villains, and so Dr. Nick has been cast in the popular Elvis Presley story. His own version of events, not surprisingly, differs from the prevailing narrative. In the days before addiction was public fare, before the creation of the Betty Ford Center and other celebrity retreats, the medical doctor was counselor, confidante, and gatekeeper. From the call that brought Dr. Nichopoulos into Elvis’s world to the wreckage that his world became in the wake of his patient’s death, it’s a narrative that can’t be anticipated. Tragedy looms large, but so does hope.


Robert Gordon, author of It Came From Memphis

director of Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story


After reading this book, in my opinion you will discover that Nick (Dr.) was more than a "personal physician" to EP. He was a mentor, a confidante, and a friend. He really cared about the man—inside and out! 


Joe Guercio, music director (Elvis Presley) 



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